Welcome to gatorraidplaybook.com.  The Gator Raid Offense is the Spread Offensive System that is helping Football teams score points, gain yards, and win games!  Download the PDF Playbook Instantly, order the PDF Playbook on CD, or the Paperback Playbook by mail today.
The Spread Offense is evolving.  Welcome to the next generation of Offensive Football.  The Gator Raid Offense.
Imagine taking the best elements of the Hybrid Spread Option Shotgun Offense of Florida and the Amazing "Air Raid" Passing Game as demonstrated within the Air Raid Spread Offensive System.  What would you have if you could combine the best plays and concepts found in the Gator System and the Air Raid System?  What would that look like?  Wait no longer.  Football's newest, fastest, and scariest offense is here: The Gator Raid Offense.  www.gatorraidplaybook.com
Florida Gator System
Championship Results
The "Air Raid" Offense
Texas Tech Raiders
Coaching Points
Position by Position Pointers to help you coach more effectively
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The Spread Option Gator Offense meets the Air Raid Passing Offense
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